Art & Ecology courses encourage students to investigate, question, and expand upon inter-relationships between cultural and natural systems. Our courses place emphasis on methods and tools from many disciplines—including the fine and performing arts, design, the sciences, and activism—to foster collaborative and field-based research and art-making. We view art as an agent of analysis, critique and radical change. We are less bound to traditional media and more to stimulating ideas and new forms of public engagement and aesthetic experience.

Any student who applies and is accepted to the BFA Program can concentrate on Art&Ecology by taking the courses.

There are currently no formal area tracks at the undergraduate level. However, Undergraduate students interested in Art & Ecology can apply to pursue a BFA Honors degree. A BFA Honors student in Art & Ecology must demonstrate academic and artistic excellence, curiosity, and commitment. Students should approach an Art & Ecology faculty member to discuss the process of forming a thesis committee, developing an honors thesis project, and writing an honors thesis.


Scholarship Opportunity:

Center for Environmental Arts and Humanities, in affiliation with Art & Ecology and Land Arts of the American West, is offering up to $6,000 in scholarship funding to support indigenous undergraduate students at the University of New Mexico during their senior year. The scholarship is open to students across all colleges and programs at UNM, but special consideration will be made for students taking Art & Ecology courses or Land Arts of the American West. The scholarship can be used to defray the cost of attending UNM and/or to pursue a senior project. Please send a brief personal statement and letter of interest. Email proposals to Jeanette Hart-Mann: hartmann@unm.edu