A Garden

A Garden is a living regenerative art + agroecology project. The art space was started in 2018 as a site for community events and experimental art & ecology creations. The project cultivates relationships between soil, plants, and animals with the greater Albuquerque community. Located in the sculpture garden of the Albuquerque Museum, it grows year after year as Art & Ecology and Land Arts of the American West students explore specific topics and then respond creatively on-site in this living garden installation. 

2018-9 – A Garden: The Birds Arrive 

During the first year the project corresponded with a large public exhibition SeedBroadcast had at the Albuquerque Museum called Seed: Climate Change Resilience, about indigenous agriculture, seeds, and climate resiliency. During that year, A Garden was focused on creative community engagement with farmers and seed sovereignty advocates and drawing public attention to the beauty and resiliency of local seeds and foods and their cultural significance, especially in regards to the issues we face with climate change. 

2018-9 Partner List

Rocky Mountain Seed Alliance
Sarah Montgomery of Garden’s Edge
Christine Mackey
Tiana Baca
Rachel Zollinger

Student Participants

nicholas b. jacobsen
Kirstina Bos
Sarah Canelas
Brionna Garcia
Erin Gould
Xena Gurule
Kyle Holub
Erik Hoopman
Sam Katz
Blaise Koller
Noni Miller
Catherine Nevera
Ashleigh Ortega
Kodi Wilhelm
Rowan Willow
Jessica Zeglin
Lucas Zuniga

2021 – A Garden: The Living Room

In 2021, A Garden was formed around a series of creative research processes focused on the concept of nourishment and creating a space of healing which draws upon the teachings of land, plants, food, and culture. Students were feeling the impact of both the pandemic and the racial/historic tensions and violence that local residents are grappling with over the Oñate Monument which is located close to the project site. Their desire was to create a space that anyone can come and spend time in to heal and be nourished. The project includes a variety of plant habitats and site furnishings welcoming people and more-than-human creatures to share this space and cultivate nourishment.

2021 Partner List

Christie Green
Rosalee Lucero
Beata Tsosie-Peña

Student Participants

Amber Beaty
Petra Brown
Lauren Crowder
Eleonora Edreva
Emily Ganderton
Carlos Gomez
Jana Greiner
Marley Hidalgo
Eric Hurbina
Adrianna Jenkins
Britney A. King
Jenni Kingsley
Blaise Koller
Stephan Lopez
Mary Mays
John R. Owen