Undergraduate Courses

Suggested Undergraduate Core Sequence:

ARTS 141 Introduction to Art & Ecology
ARTS 341 Intermediate Art & Ecology Studio
ARTS 444 Creating Change
ARTS 445 Grant and Proposal Writing
ARTS 3/4/5 Art & Ecology Studio/Topics (see below)
ARTS 499 Art & Ecology Independent Study (Capstone)

Land Arts of the American West (LAAW) – Fall and Spring course offerings 6CR:
Fall Semester – Creative Agroecologies
Co-requisite Seminar and Field Lab includes:
ARTS 451.001 LAAW: Research
ARTS 454.001 LAAW: Presentation/Dissemination
Spring Semester – Environmental Art + Regenerative Ecology
Co-requisite Seminar and Field Lab includes:
ARTS 452.001 LAAW: Field Investigations
ARTS 453.001 LAAW: Creative Production

400/500 Art & Ecology Studio/Topics:
ARTS 441/541 Aesthetics of Sustainability
ARTS 442/542 Sculptural Infrastructure
ARTS 443/543 Computational Sustainability
ARTS 446/546 The Politics of Performance
ARTS 445/545 Text + Image: Graphic Design for Artists
ARTS 429/529 Art & Ecology Topics: Vizcaya CAP Lab
ARTS 389/429/529 Art & Ecology Topics Studio