Graduate Thesis Shows


nicholas b jacobsen – from

from is a partial record of my people and the lands I was raised with/in. My family has been Mormon and Utahn for as long as either of those two things have existed. All of my direct ancestors were in Utah by 1884 and they never left.  I was raised on Nuwu (Southern Paiute) lands in a place my people call Saint George, Utah. But this is not the land my flesh evolved with. This is not the place from which my language emerged. I am in love with this land, the land that raised me. I am in love with someone else’s homeland.


Kaitlin Bryson – Gently Radical Changing

Gently Radical Changing (2018) was an expansive and collaborative project between Kaitlin Bryson, Tewa Women United, and artists and activists in New Mexico. This project was focused on spreading awareness about and helping remediate toxic lands and histories stemming from the development of the Atomic Bomb at Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) through interactive artwork and lectures, workshops and demonstrations.