Current Graduate Students

Alisha Anderson

Alisha Anderson was born and raised in northern California. She received a B.F.A. from Brigham Young University and a M.S. in Environmental Humanities from the University of Utah, where she was awarded The Floyd O’Neil Fellowship in Western American Studies. She was a Bears Ears Artist in Residence through Utah Diné Bikéyah, and a Spiritual Ecology Fellow through the Kalliopeia Foundation. Her work focuses on the confluence of identity and Earth, in an attempt to question (and reposition) how humans fit in this world.

Alek De Dóchas

Alek de Dóchas is an interdisciplinary artist based out of Albuquerque, NM & Boise, ID who works primarily in a combination of ceramic sculpture, video, performance, and installation. They have attended Pacific Northwest College of Art (Oregon) and Boise State University (Idaho), graduating with a BFA in Visual Art at the latter institute in the Spring of 2018. De Dóchas is currently a graduate student in the University of New Mexico’s MFA Art & Ecology program. In their studio practice, Alek explores eco-philosophy, deep ecology, and environmental activism as well as their own identity as a queer Latinx artist in the United States and how those topics intersect. Future exhibitions will be announced as they approach.

Eleonora Edreva

Eleonora Edreva is an artist, researcher, smeller, educator, collaborator, co-producer, worker, renter, and mischief-maker born in Bulgaria and raised in Chicago. Eleonora strongly believes that our senses contain skills and ways of knowing the world that systems of power have been devaluing for centuries as part of their ongoing efforts to disconnect people (especially people at the margins of power) from their bodies and capacities for pleasure and embodied learning. Their artistic work orients around the idea that connection, play, and collective sensory experiences are strategies for bringing people more fully into individual and collective strength. To that end, they create interactive, participatory, and game-based tools for navigating and engaging the world as our most abundant selves. Eleonora holds a B.A. in English from the University of Chicago and is currently working towards an M.F.A. in Art & Ecology at the University of New Mexico.

Dylan McLaughlin

Dylan McLaughlin is a video artist working to deconstruct and make transparent the tensions in relationship to technology and how perceptions are translated to ecology of place. In his multi-media installation, interactive, and performative works, he looks to engage the poetics and politics of landscape formation and human affect. McLaughlin creates works that respond to place, using materials that speak from landscapes, incorporating technology that activates or provides a container from which to experience.

Michael Segura

I’m an organizer at heart with the soul of an artist. Currently I have been instrumental in organizing fellow artists to paint murals in my home town of San Bernardino with a movement called San Bernardino Generation Now. I have a BA in Graphic Design from California State University of San Bernardino and currently attend University of New Mexico for an MFA in Art & Ecology. When I finish my educational journey I will return home. I plan to stay local, support local, and teach local to inspire others to reach for greater heights.