Announcing the Native American Environmental Arts and Humanities Scholarship

The recently established UNM Center for Environmental Arts and Humanities is pleased to announce the Native American Environmental Arts and Humanities Scholarship. This scholarship is is an interdisciplinary award for Native American students across all UNM colleges who are interested in art and ecology, social justice, environmental justice, and/or species conservation. It is made possible by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation and the UNM Center for Environmental Arts and Humanities. The 2022-23 application is due on Friday, December 16, 2022 before 5pm. Notifications of awards will be sent on February 1, 2023. 

Download the 2022-2023 Native American Environmental Arts and Humanities Scholarship Application.

2021-2022 Native American Environmental Arts and Humanities Scholarship Awardees

Cherille Williams (Navajo/Dinè) is an artist from Fort Wingate, New Mexico who works with the medium of photography. Cherille’s art focuses on narratives surrounding family, interpersonal relations with self-identity, childhood trauma, self-worth, and her family’s history in New Mexico. Her work strives to show the unseen beauty of the place and highlights cultural landmarks that connect her Native roots to New Mexico. Cherille’s interest in photographing her grandmother also helped her find an interest in celebrating the power and beauty of aging with time, while highlighting issues that some elders face dealing with personal trauma and helping to share their stories through photography.

Cherille is currently a Bachelor of Art student with a focus in Photography at the University of New Mexico. Her work has exhibited Ingham Chapman Gallery in the group exhibition, Student Expo at Gurley Hall in Gallup, NM. Cherille’s work has been published by the Gallup Journey Magazine.

Cherille is a recipient of awards from the Joy of Giving Something Fellowship, Chief Manuelito Scholarship, Friends of Hubbell Trading Post Scholarship, the American Indian Services Scholarship at UNM.

Baahozohnii Largo

“Ya’at’eeh! (Hello in Navajo) My name is Baahozohnii Largo. I am from the Navajo tribe, Salt Clan born for the Towering House Clan. I am a first-generation college student. I come from the small community of Casamero Lake, New Mexico. Which is on the Navajo Nation Reservation. I am pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Art History. My minor is Navajo Language. I was raised on the traditional Navajo lifestyle. Which most often includes lack of electricity, running water, and reliable transportation. However, it is very rich in arts and crafts. I grew up learning how to sew, weave, paint (with sand and actual paints), build sculptures, and other things. This along with my course of study and my life goals inspired me and sparked my interest in Land Art. My goals are to somehow combine culture, art, traditional lifestyle, and language into a project that gives back to my Navajo community. I am excited to learn and gather more knowledge. Thank you for giving me an opportunity to do so! Ahxe’hee!  (Thank You in Navajo)”

 2020-2021 Native American Environmental Arts and Humanities Scholarship Awardees 

Joshua Mike-Bidtah is a Diné (Navajo Nation) Student in his senior year in the College of Fine Arts, working towards a major in the Film and Digital Media Arts Program with a minor in Animation. Congratulations!  

Marquita Nez is a Diné (Navajo Nation) Student in her senior year, dual majoring in Family and Child studies concentration in human development and family relations; and Native American Studies with a concentration in Indigenous Learning Communities. Congratulations!  

Songtree Cordova-Pioche is a Taos Pueblo and Oglala Lakota Student in her Senior year, she is in the Native American Studies Department program with an emphasis in Leadership and Building Native Nations with a minor in Business Management. Congratulations!  

Celeste Lucero is a Isleta Pueblo and Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa student in her Freshman year. She is in the College of Arts & Sciences, Majoring in Political Science. Congratulations!  

Chenoa Scippio is a Diné (Navajo Nation) and Santa Clara Pueblo student in her Junior year, she is working towards a Dual major in Population Health and Native American Studies with a minor in Psychology. Congratulations!  

Christian Miller is a Diné (Navajo Nation) Student in his Sophomore/Junior year, he is in the College of Art and Sciences, Journalism and Mass Communication program with a concentration of Multimedia Journalism. Congratulations!  

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