Garden Events

Upcoming Events:

August 19th: Physical Theater Circus Workshop with SJ Moody of Wise Fool Santa Fe

6-7:45 pm – Register here

SJ Moody of Wise Fool New Mexico will guide us in a physical comedy exploration of the garden, finding ways to get to know the plants on the site through humorous and joyful movement. The workshop will consist of a series of physical theater games inviting participants to orient towards themselves, each other, and the garden with laughter and openness.

August 21st: Permission to rest: a one-night exhibition

Permission to rest is a one-night outdoor exhibition showcasing work from current University of New Mexico MFA students. The exhibition takes place at A Garden, an evolving art + agroecology project created by UNM Art & Ecology students in collaboration with the Albuquerque Museum. The work exhibited will be a mixture of 2D, 3D, and digital artworks and will respond to the garden’s themes of healing and nourishment and to the plants themselves.

August 22nd: Once Upon A Future – A Sensory Storytelling Workshop

4-5:30pm – Register here

Join local artists, growers, and storytellers Alyssa Frye and (Ele)onora Edreva for a workshop weaving together voice, senses, and movement to creatively tell stories about our inner and outer landscapes. We will do a series of verbal, sensory, and movement-based storytelling exercises leading up to the creation of a collaborative story co-authored by all workshop participants. The plants and animals of the garden will join us as collaborators as we actively listen to and learn from the sensory strategies they use to communicate. The themes of the stories we tell will draw from each of our recent pasts and weave together to create a story of a future that we want to co-create.

Past Events:

August 5th: Plant Walk with Dryland Wilds

The events began with a plant walk led by Dryland Wilds, local perfumers and plant educators. The walk started at the garden and expanded outwards around the museum’s sculpture garden, familiarizing us with commonly seen Albuquerque plants and their edible, medicinal, and sensory properties.

About A Garden:

A Garden is a living regenerative art + agroecology project. The art space was started in 2018 as a site for community events and experimental art & ecology creations. The project cultivates relationships between soil, plants, and animals with the greater Albuquerque community. Located in the sculpture garden of the Albuquerque Museum, it grows year after year as Art & Ecology and Land Arts of the American West students explore specific topics and then respond creatively on-site in this living garden installation. 

In 2021, A Garden was formed around a series of creative research processes focused on the concept of nourishment and creating a space of healing which draws upon the teachings of land, plants, food, and culture. In August, the site will be activated by a series of events including three free workshops and an exhibition of UNM MFA students.

A Garden is located on the north side of the Albuquerque Museum on Mountain Rd NW and 20th St NW