Undergraduate Curriculum:
Students in the Art and Ecology track take 141 (Intro), 240 (Inside the Outside), 341 (Intermediate), Grant and Proposal Writing, one additional topics 300 or 400-level A&E studio course, and 440 (Capstone).

Undergraduate core sequence:
ARTS 141 Introduction to Art and Ecolology
ARTS 240 Inside the Outside: Lecture and Research Course
ARTS 341 Intermediate Studio: Public and Ecological Art
ARTS 3/4 Grant and Proposal Writing
ARTS 3/4 Option Studio/Topics
ARTS 440 Capstone Studio for Undergraduates

400/500 option studios for core:
ARTS 444/544 Creating Change
ARTS 441/541 Aesthetics of Sustainability
ARTS 442/542 Sculptural Infrastructure
ARTS 443/543 Computational Sustainability
ARTS 389/429/529 Topics Studio

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