ARTS 141 Intro to Art & Ecology Studio
ARTS 240 Inside the Outside Research Seminar
ARTS 241 Intermediate Art & Ecology Studio
ARTS 467/567 Advanced Art & Ecology Studio
ARTS 429/529 Topics in Art & Ecology
Co-Evolution: Art + Biology in the Museum
Open Source/Open Culture
Grant and Proposal Writing
International Art Practicum
Creating Change Sp 14
Sculptural Infrastructure
Politics of Performance :: link to course blog
Bio-Art and Design (**new in Fall 2014**)
Re-Mix Culture :: link to course blog
TEXT + IMAGE: Graphic Design for Artists :: link to course blog
-Vizcaya CAP Lab 2017

Land Arts of the American West Courses:
ARTS 451 MAPPING: body, landscape, memory
ARTS 452 PLACE: land, civilization, persona
ARTS 453 ARTIFACTS: production, use, apprehension
ARTS 454 SPACE: expanse, thresholds, limits

ARTS 593 Graduate Seminar in Theory & Practice

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