UNM Art & Ecology Hosts “the last oil” Symposium


the last oil symposium at the University of New Mexico is the first national convening to address the misguided and reckless Arctic and offshore energy policy of the Trump administration, which endangers biological nurseries of global significance, violates indigenous human rights, and threatens to derail the efforts to mitigate climate change and the Sixth Extinction. Twenty-nine leading activists, artists, attorneys, biologists, climate scientists, conservationists, curators, historians, policy experts, and writers will unite in Albuquerque for this public forum.

The University of New Mexico (UNM) will host “the last oil: a multispecies justice symposium on Arctic Alaska and beyond” from February 21 through February 23, to address the catastrophic US Arctic energy policy. The gathering will also bring northern indigenous struggles into conversation with similar struggles across the West, including the Diné-Pueblo solidarity to protect the greater Chaco Canyon in New Mexico from fracking and the indigenous Sioux people’s campaign “Mni Wiconi: Water is Life”. The symposium is free and open to the public, and will convene on the UNM Main Campus in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

The symposium will coincide with an exhibition on the Arctic — Long Environmentalism in the Near North: Activism | Photographs | Writing at the UNM Art Museum.

We encourage you to explore this site, particularly the Resources pages, which includes articles/op-eds and books authored by symposium speakers; television and radio interviews; and maps and reports published by indigenous human rights and conservation organizations.

the last oil is co-organized by Art & Ecology in the Department of Art and the UNM Art Museum in partnership with Department of American Studies, Anthropology, Department of Biology, Community and Regional Planning, Geography & Environmental Studies, Department of History, Sustainability Studies, Kiva Club, UNM Wilderness Alliance, Critical Environmental Justice Collective, The Red Nation, Albuquerque Center for Peace and Justice, Los Jardines Institute, New Mexico Wilderness Alliance, Gwich’in Streering Committee, REDOIL (Resisting Environmental Destruction on Indigenous Lands), Alaska Wilderness League, Audubon Alaska, Trustees for Alaska, The Wilderness Society, Earthjustice, Food and Water Watch, and the Defenders of Wildlife.

The Art and Ecology program at the University of New Mexico receives support from Lannan Foundation and The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.

Additional support for the symposium is provided by UNM College of Fine Arts Dean’s Office and the UNM Art Museum.

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