“Re-Mix Culture” course receives funding from US Embassy in Mexico

“Re-Mix Culture” is a joint project of Szu-Han Ho (UNM) and Gabriela Durán Barraza at Universidad Autónoma de Ciudad Juárez (UACJ). Throughout the semester, students at UNM and UACJ will communicate and collaborate to produce two public performance events involving large-scale video projection: once in Ciudad Juárez and once in Albuquerque. In this course we will examine the concept of the remix as a framework for the understanding and production of contemporary culture. In music, the remix can shift a song from one context to another; in visual culture, the concept can be useful for exploring appropriation, collage, hybridity, and fragmentation, as these techniques apply to mass media, “high art,” and everything in between. “Re-Mix Culture” has received $12,500 in support from the US Embassy in Mexico, UNM College of Fine Arts, UACJ Department of Visual Arts, and the UNM Teaching Allocation Grant.

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